Lake Baikal

The largest freshwater lake by volume, the deepest lake in the world – one of the wish list.

However sometimes you can get a travel surprise when not expected…

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A good experience is to visit the most populated country in the world which produces so many products we have around us.

This time our family didn’t want to hurry and we decided to stay in a single city of China – Beijing.

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This time there were four of us: Olga, our 10-months old son Lev, myself and our friend Nikolay.

We decided to go to the country of our dreams – Japan!

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Almost 1,5 years have passed since we’ve been to Vietnam, but still we’re full of memories of this great asian country.

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This was the first threesome journey!

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Mexico trip

This trip took place 1.5 years ago but better late than never.

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California & Grand Canyon slideshow

A slideshow I made from the photos captured during my trip to California & Grand Canyon earlier this year.

Journey to California

Never thought I would reach US, especially its West Coast.

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Bicentennial Oktoberfest

It was my dream since the college years to visit Oktoberfest with all its fun, beer and thematic celebrations. And only 10 years later while sitting in the bus on the road to office I saw an advertising telling “Don’t miss bicentennial Oktoberfest with the Löwenbräu beer!”.

It was a sign from above! Besides, as my wife was born in Germany she wanted to see her town of birth – Weimar.

We made our reservations and voila!

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Visiting Portugal

We fell in love with this country, its atmosphere, food and wine, and absolutely fantastic sights!

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