Bicentennial Oktoberfest

It was my dream since the college years to visit Oktoberfest with all its fun, beer and thematic celebrations. And only 10 years later while sitting in the bus on the road to office I saw an advertising telling “Don’t miss bicentennial Oktoberfest with the Löwenbräu beer!”.

It was a sign from above! Besides, as my wife was born in Germany she wanted to see her town of birth – Weimar.

We made our reservations and voila!


Logistics: Munich, Weimar, Buchenwald, Berlin

Dates: Sep 20 – Sep 27, 2010

Transport used: Plane, train, bus

LodgingAmbient Hotel Colina (Munich), Labyrinth Hostel WeimarWombats City Hostel Berlin

Memories: Beer, pork sharks, Bavarian costumes, German tidiness, Buchenwald

Our trip started in Munich where the Oktoberfest was in full swing. A lot of beer. More than enough. Of course that was the best beer I’ve ever tried and the best pork shanks I’ve ever eaten!

Next station – Weimar. A beautiful calm town, the ideal place to meet old age.

The last stop was Berlin that met us with rain and cold. We’ve been in Reichstag with its combination of hi-tech inside and old architecture outside.

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