Malacca: Malaysia’s Melting Pot

Malacca City is a living museum brimming with history and cultural charm. Just 140km south of Kuala Lumpur, it was a perfect weekend getaway for my motorbike seeking a unique Malaysian experience.

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The highest peak in Southeast Asia – Mount Kinabalu (4095 m).

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This was the first winter trip with the company of friends we travel a lot recently.

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Sri Lanka

Being a tea lover for as far as I remember myself, a name ‘Ceylon’ or ‘Sri Lanka’ for me is more than just an amazing huge island with tea plantations.

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Kola Peninsula

Kola Peninsula has been in my list since 2008 when a friend of mine did a crazy mountain bike trip into such wilderness.

I used to live in Yamal Peninsula for 15 years in my childhood, so this type of nature is pretty close to my own feelings.

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I’ve got an invitation to join a company of 20 same-minded people to have a musical rave in Caucasus mountains close to Arkhyz.

And it was a once in a lifetime experience both mentally and physically!

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Who doesn’t want to celebrate own birthday and legally enjoy what is not allowed elsewhere?

On top of that, there is a King’s Day!

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Lake Baikal

The largest freshwater lake by volume, the deepest lake in the world – one of the wish list.

However sometimes you can get a travel surprise when not expected…

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Lana Del Rey

Last weekend one of my favorite singers visited Moscow for the first time.

Her art is magic.

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A good experience is to visit the most populated country in the world which produces so many products we have around us.

This time our family didn’t want to hurry and we decided to stay in a single city of China – Beijing.

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