A good experience is to visit the most populated country in the world which produces so many products we have around us.

This time our family didn’t want to hurry and we decided to stay in a single city of China – Beijing.

Despite of the expectations to get lost in the crowds of people, we felt like we were the only tourists in the city, thanks to the beginning of the season.

Seeing everybody around us using their smartphones to communicate in Chinese social networks, it was sad to have restricted access to our favorite facebook/instagram and many more websites. So if you want to at least google map your position, a VPN app is highly recommended.


Logistics: Beijing, Mutianyu section of Great Wall
Dates: Apr 25 – May 2, 2016
Transport usedPlane, subway
LodgingKelly’s Courtyard
Memories: smog, noodles, peking duck, hot pot, electrobikes, language barrier, great firewall

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