A good experience is to visit the most populated country in the world which produces so many products we have around us.

This time our family didn’t want to hurry and we decided to stay in a single city of China – Beijing.

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Video Games

I’ve been playing video games since my childhood beginning from NES.

Later on I’ve got a PlayStation console and played it like a maniac until it had broken. After more than 10 years of downtime, I got a PlayStation 3 and now ended up having all current-gen consoles and plenty of games.

After being a PlayStation fan for 20 years I have drastically changed my opinion on this topic when I got my Wii U console. Awesome games are not concentrated on any particular platform but co-exist between them. A recent gift from my lovely wife was an Xbox One which also has it’s own unique exclusives I’m playing a lot nowadays.

So don’t be surprised if my blog will become a playground soon 😉



This time there were four of us: Olga, our 10-months old son Lev, myself and our friend Nikolay.

We decided to go to the country of our dreams – Japan!

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Malukah – The Dragonborn Comes (Skyrim Cover)

An awesome cover for one of my favourite games


Almost 1,5 years have passed since we’ve been to Vietnam, but still we’re full of memories of this great asian country.

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